Engine Rebuild Services


Engine Overhauls

Souer’s new facilities was built to provide full engine overhauls and testing.

All incoming engines are fully cleaned and inspected prior to a full stripdown and inspection.

On completion of the inspection, a comprehensive report is issued to the customer, providing a full breakdown of all findings, component specifications and parts required to rebuild the engine to 100% condition.

Our team of qualified and certified mechanics and technicians will rebuild the engine in a timely manner where the engine will be fully load tested in our engine test room.

Once complete, the engine will be delivered back to the customer, together with a comprehensive rebuild and test report.


Engine Test Facilities

Souer currently has the ability to load test diesel and gas engines up to 1,200 kW / 1,600 hp.

Designed for testing the Waukesha VHP gas engine range, the facility includes a soundproofed control room for controlling and monitoring all functions and parameters of the engine during its testing.

On completion of the test, a full report can be generated.

Customers are invited to witness the engine testing.


Inspection Report

To ensure the customer is fully aware of the condition their engine was found in and to determine all parts required for the rebuild process are ordered correctly, a comprehensive inspection report is issued for each engine received for overhaul.

Advice is given on any failures or damage found during the inspection, to help ensure the problems are not repeated on other units.


Rebuild Report

The rebuild report covers every stage of the rebuild and helps ensure the customer is aware of all steps carried out during the rebuild. The included engine test report confirms that the engine performs correctly and no problems will be found during startup at the customer’s site.


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