ESD Course – ( Engine Specification & System Design )

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GET Course – ( Gas Engine Technology )

Brief Description:

This course was designed specifically for sales, marketing, engineers and technical professionals interested in improving their application knowledge necessary to package Waukesha products. The future of this course will be to divide the content by target audience and make the lessons available online.


Target Group:

Field Technicians; Packaging Engineers; Salespersons. The content covered in this course is theoretical in nature.





General Course Information:

Every participant will receive the relevant training material at the beginning of the course.

Beverages and lunch will be provided on each full day of class.


Note: lunch is the student's responsibility for class days that end at noon.

Students staying at the Grand Riverside Hotel will receive a complimentary Breakfast Buffet.

Evening dining is the student's responsibility.


Dress Code: Casual. Jeans, tennis shoes, and t-shirts are acceptable. Because you will be visiting an industrial manufacturing and service shop, sandals, open toed shoes, shorts, and ripped jeans are not permitted.

Free transportation from Phitsanulok Airport to the Hotel is provided when flight details have been communicated to us in advance.


Engine Specification & System Design - Detailed Overview
Introduction to Waukesha Products

Engine Families - Features & Benefits - Gas Engine Construction

Specification Guide

Introduction to GE Waukesha's Technical Publications

Fuel Specification

Fuel Specifications - Calculating Low Heating Value - Calculating WKI - System Specification & Selection - Fuel Consumption

Low BTU Specifications

Low BTU Fuel Description - Alternate Carburetion - System Specifications - Engine Deration - Duel Fuel Applications


Oil Recommendations - System Requirements

Exhaust System

System Recommendations - Calculating Back Pressure

Heat Balance

Heat Input v Output - Exhaust Heat Recovery - Elevated Water Temperature Calculations

Cooling System

Water Quality Treatments - Pressure & Flow Requirements - Delta T Definition & Importance - Influencing Factors - Sample Calculations

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Software Features & Benefits - Operational Overview

Introduction to Waukesha ESM Products

Packaging Overview

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