INNIO’s Jenbacher Gas Engines

INNIO's Jenbacher* gas engines have a power range of 220 kW to 10,38 MW and can run on natural gas or a number of other gases.

They provide onsite power, heat and cooling to a variety of commercial, industrial and municipal applications – particularly renewable and waste-to-energy, industrial power generation and cogeneration/CHP (combined heat and power), and oilfield power generation. More than 15,500 Jenbacher gas engines are operating in 100-plus countries.

INNIO offers the following Jenbacher engines: Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 6, 624 and the new 920 FleXtra.

As of 2019, nearly 250 Jenbacher gas engines had been delivered to Thailand. While most of these engines are being used in biogas operations, they also are employed in landfill and natural gas applications across the country.

As the channel partner for Jenbacher gas engines in Thailand, Souer provides a fully trained service and customer support team, spare parts sales, engineering, a sales team, and a fully stocked parts warehouse.

A regional training facility, to be based at the Souer training facilities in Phitsanulok, will provide training support to both service and operational personnel.

 INNIO's Jenbacher core portfolio

Type 2

Introduced in 1976 and continuously improved, the INNIO's Jenbacher Type 2 engine offers extremely high efficiency in the 249-330 kW power range. Its robust design and stationary engine concept result in excellent component durability and a service life of up to 80,000 operating hours before the first major overhaul. Enhanced components and a proven control and monitoring concept give this engine outstanding reliability.

Type 3

Long service intervals, maintenance-friendly engine design and low fuel consumption help ensure the Type 3’s high efficiency. Enhanced components prolong service life even when using non-pipeline gases such as landfill gas or biogas. The new Type 3D generation offers an outstanding service interval with up to 80,000 operating hours until a major overhaul. With its technical maturity and high reliability, this engine type stands out in its 526-1,067 kWe power range.

Type 4

Based on the proven design concepts of the Type 3 and 6 engines, the modern Type 4 engine in the 845-1,500 kWe power range is characterized by high power density and outstanding efficiency. Enhanced control and monitoring provides easy preventative maintenance, high reliability and availability.

Type 6

Continuously refined based on Jenbacher's extensive experience, the Type 6 engines are reliable, advanced products serving the 1,795-4,498 kW power range. The 1,500 rpm engine speed provides high power density and low installation costs. The Type 6 pre-combustion chamber enables high efficiency with low emissions. Proven design and enhanced components support a service life of 60,000 operating hours before the first major overhaul.

 Parts sales

Souer stocks a large number of commonly required genuine Jenbacher spare parts, available for immediate shipment from the Souer warehouse in Thailand. For non-stock items, immediate shipment from the Jenbacher factory in Austria can be arranged.

Souer also can arrange for Material Stream Agreements (MSAs) or Contractual Service Agreements (CSAs) for long-term preventative maintenance to reduce parts costs.

Contact Souer for your Jenbacher spare parts requirements.

 Service / Commissioning / Startup Services

Souer’s trained and certified technicians are available to provide a full range of service on all Jenbacher gas engines at your location. Our technicians can cover all tasks – from a simple oil change or fault diagnostics all the way to a site-based engine minor overhaul or retrofit.

Services provided by Souer for the Jenbacher product line include:

  • Startup/commissioning for new engines and packages
  • Engine preservation
  • Breakdown callout
  • Preventative maintenance routines
  • Engine upgrades
  • On-site engine repair and overhaul
  • Technical advice

 Contact Souer directly for your Jenbacher service requirements.


Head quarter in Jenbach offers a full range of training programs, from technical product and basic operator training classes up to advanced mechanical and electrical maintenance courses. In addition,  training can be arranged at your site or at Souer’s Phitsanulok-based training center.

Contact Souer for training course advice, descriptions, pricing and scheduling.

Material Stream Agreements (MSAs) & Contractual Service Agreements (CSAs)

To help ensure the correct maintenance of Jenbacher generator sets, Souer offers a selection of custom maintenance packages.

If you have your own team of trained maintenance personnel, special discounts can be arranged for long-term parts supply required to carry out routine preventative maintenance procedures. Bulk purchase of spare parts, typically referred to as “emergency spares,” also can be included.

If you require a full maintenance package, Souer can offer a CSA package. This typically includes the following:

  • All spares parts required to carry out routine maintenance over the unit’s lifespan
  • Trained and certified Souer technicians to carry out routine maintenance as per Jenbacher recommendations and advise on technical issues
  • Oil analysis program
  • Remote monitoring and predictive data analysis program (myPlant*)

 Remote Monitoring / myPlant

All INNIO's Jenbacher generator sets can be connected to the internet, not only for remote monitoring, but for a large number of advanced features:

  • Remote monitoring of generator set parameters, alarms and events – viewable on PC or mobile app
  • Secure remote access to the control system
  • Instant access to data and generator set notifications
  • Datalogging and historical data trending
  • Predictive maintenance advice, based on data analytics
  • Souer and GE support, based on remote monitoring

Contact Souer to connect your Jenbacher units.

*Indicates a trademark of the General Electric Company