GTi Bi-Fuel

The GTI Bi-Fuel System from Altronic offers an affordable and efficient means of operating industrial diesel engines utilizing both diesel and natural gas (or other available gas) as fuel sources. This innovative, patented system, which requires no modification to the internal components of the engine, allows for operation on natural gas up to a maximum of 70%* of the fuel required to maintain the desired speed and load. Reduced fuel costs and extended runtime are just a few of the benefits of Bi-Fuel operation.

Major Bi-Fuel System
Components and Sub-Systems


The AGM-PV is a venturi carburetor that provides the optimal demand signal for use in supplying the required air/gas mixture to the engine.


Conditioning and regulating the natural gas prior to admission into the engine is a critical part of the GTI Bi-Fuel system.


The GTI+ system utilizes a fully electronic, advanced gas train design, which includes the Altronic AGV5 Fuel Valve, a microprocessor-based smart valve equipped with a fast-acting voice coil for rapid and accurate response.


The Control Panels are based on proven Altronic controllers and provide state-of-the-art engine control and safety shutdown monitoring. 

Altronic Controls

A separate division of Altronic, manufacturing custom control panels for engines and process equipment

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